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Area between
Via sacra and Via del Mare

The intense fragrance of century-old pines, their shadow extending under the light blue sky of Nora, is evidence of a past originating in the Phoenician Punic period. Celebrating the union between two souls, between past and future, the square at the crossroads between via Sacra and via del Mare, is perfect for a refreshing summer ceremony. The paved floor dating from the Roman era leads you to an evocative location where you can breathe in the history, let your mind wander, and let your gaze fall and rest on the blue horizon of Pula’s sea.


*at least one of the parties getting married

Residents* during office hours: €2000,00
Residents* outside office hours (from Monday to Friday): €2100,00
Residents* (Saturday): €2200,00

Non-residents during office hours: €2300,00
Non-residents outside office hours (from Monday to Friday): €2400,00
Non-residents (Saturday): €2500,00

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    Pula and its surrounding area

    An unforgettable holiday in southern Sardinia.

    In Pula you can have an unforgettable holiday as guests of a magical land that is not just enchanting in the summer, but all year round. This is an area that is exceptionally rich in beautiful natural and archaeological locations and the town of Pula has a long tradition of welcoming visitors.